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A Thousand Miles From Happiness [entries|friends|calendar]

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(5Sream Out)

[05 Nov 2007|09:05pm]
we broke up. I guess it was mutual. i started it, and finished it, I appoligized, and he told me I was right to be upset, and that hopefully when he's back on his feet, and has some direction in his life, we could try again.

I guess now I'm here waiting, and I'm just not ready to say goodbye.

(Sream Out)

[26 Mar 2007|08:48am]
..Keith was supposed to call yesterday.

and he didn't.

I called out of work, and didn't leave home all day. and he didn't call.


(Sream Out)

[24 Jan 2007|11:35pm]
School's, alright. I dunno I guess I just have to get settled.

I'm considering becomming and RA. Being able to live on campus would be pretty sweet. But alot of responsibilty comes with it all. And I don't know how much time I would have to myself or for homework and relationships and shit. Maybe I'll wait till next semester, see if I'm more confident in myself being able to handle all the responsibilities of, life.

I still haven't heard from Keith. I've sent a few letters out, plan on writing another one when I'm done with this. I feel like I'm pouring all of my thought and emotion into these peices of paper, and I can't even get a response back. This is so lame.

Tonight was good though. No work. Went to Jareds. Me him Jimmy and Jake just hung around for a bit. Locked Jared in a cabinet. And Jake was a lumberjack for a while. Then we went and played guitar hero. After that Jared and I went to Seths house and watched Little Miss Sunshine with a few people. Then American Idol, oh soo entertaining. Then home. Nice to just relax.

(Sream Out)

!! [28 Dec 2006|09:52am]
Tuesday night was so very much the shit. Good party, good people, good everything! It was nice to see people I hadn't in a while. Nice to have a good buzz. Nice wake up to Jared and chocolate chip pancakes!


(1Sream Out)

[09 Mar 2006|06:06pm]
I'm feeling awfully indifferent.

Love always, "your heart".

(1Sream Out)

[14 Jun 2005|08:43pm]
So I think it's safe to say that right now I'm dating a dink.

And in an he might just be single dink...

and I just really don't fucking care at all.

I guess I'm a dink too....whatever.

(Sream Out)

Friends Only.. [26 Jan 2005|01:25pm]

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends only.
Comment To Be Added

(Sream Out)

in banking [08 Jun 2004|09:28am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

..Tony spit on my hand, it's yucky. And he thinks I hate him..fag.

(1Sream Out)

hfjksdnm vnghdfdkj [07 Mar 2004|10:49am]
ahahahahhha...I've like done crack or something I'm in such a good mood. Erin made me smile like woah! I don't think I've heard that many "awww!!"'s in a conversation with her for a long while. TeeHee. I hope she finds that snowboard she's looking for. Ehehehehe Topher and Johnny and Sam are here..Seth, can go fuck himself or his hick fiance for all I care because seeing as in the past year I've been compleetly re done over and Daves been like..the one who has mostly changed me..he's turned me into an alcohol hating freak..be proud you weirdo..yeah so like on wednesday or thursday or whatever...ionno one of thoose days..Seth being the "cool kid" that he is decides to come to my house with a bottle of JD and sit arround and chase while I'm in the tub...yeah fucking right not in my house..I can't stop him from getting fucked up and ruining himself...but I'm certainly not going to let him do it in my house...GRR anger. I really think he hates Dave even tho he doesn't know him at all..beucase he's made me hate everything I used to be...all the drinking and cutting and smoking and pills and then horrible existence I was...I know none of my friends like Dave..and sometimes I don't like him much either. But he's one of the best fucking people I know..he's so strong and I have wicked respect for some of the choices he's made in his lifetime and ionno dudes I'm just proud of that kid sometimes. But moving on from all that shit beucase he knows I'm proud of him...yeah Topher brought the video camera to film the birthday party and he ended up making a 45 minute documentary of me ranting about things in my kitchen and then in the end when i was sitting on the floor indian style hitting my head of the fridge I just looked arround and was like...HAHA MY HAIR IS BLACK! I really need some kind of help...I turned into a guy today and we had puking contests...we wanted to see what happened if i swallowed a banana whole and then chased it with an entire bottle of grapefruit juice...yeah I fucking spued everywhere...isn't that hot?... wow I'm in such a weird fucing mood guys...hehehehehehe I'm so overly like...anxious...and nothing is supposed to be happening thats going to make me compleetly happy till june third dudes...that's right...june thrid...oh wow...L'amour

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